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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Ouvindo-te Com Amor (1962)

Silvana (born Therezinha Maciel in Campos, Rio de Janeiro) started her career singing jingles that became very popular because of the impact her voice had on the public and she actually could convince people who were listening to her.  But it was in São Paulo that she became a real star and had a chance to record her first hit "Amor" in a duo with Rinaldo Calheiros. After that, she went into the 1970's with a few recordings until she disappeared from the media.  Some rare videos can be found at You Tube.

Rinaldo Calheiros was born in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte and was a career officer at the Brazilian Air Force, but a car accident forced him into an earlier retirement.
He started singing at the Rádio Poty, in his home town and soon was elected "The Star" of that radio.  In 1951 he formed a group with Chico Elion (acoustic guitar) and João Juvanklin (accordion), the Trio Acaiaca.  From 1955 to 1957 they recorded a few 78 rpm's but it was in 1960, when he was living in São Paulo that he really went into the music world.  There he sang on several records for CBS, Continental and Columbia.  In 1961 he released his first solo LP, "Em Tudo Existe Amor".  In 1962, with Silvana, he recorded "Ouvindo-te Com Amor", which was well accepted by the public and from then on, both singers went on their solo careers.

Ouvindo-te Com Amor
was the only LP released by the duo, in 1962.

01. Amor - Silvana e Rinaldo Calheiros (Antenógenes Silva/Ernâni Campos) • 3:24
02. Teu Casamento (Tu Boda) - Rinaldo Calheiros (Adolfo Salas/Sebastião Ferreira da Silva) • 2:31
03. Amor, Fonte Da Vida - Silvana (Adelso dos Santos/Roberto Muniz) • 3:07
04. Cantando - Silvana e Rinaldo Calheiros (Mercedes Simone/Virgínia Amorim) • 2:58
05. Jura-me (Júrame) - Silvana e Rinaldo Calheiros (María Grever/Vers.: Oswaldo Santiago) • 2:51
06. Onde Estás Coração? (¿Donde Estás Corazón?) - Silvana e Rinaldo Calheiros
    (L. Martinez/Serrano Berlo/Vers.: Ubirajara da Silva) • 3:00
07. Agora É Tarde - Silvana (Irany de Oliveira/Altamiro Carrilho) • 3:04
08. Chorando (Crying) - Rinaldo Calheiros (Roy Orbison/Joe Melson/Vers.: Rossini Pinto) • 2:43
09. Romance - Silvana (Eduardo Patané/Almeida Rêgo) • 2:46
10. Eternamente - Silvana e Rinaldo Calheiros (Nelson Castro/Rossini Pacheco) • 3:17

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