What good is there in collecting something and not share it with others with the same interest as yours?

The objective of this blog is to share songs not commercially available anymore, for music is the language of the soul and it must not be forgotten.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


In December 2008, after being a blog researcher for sometime, I decided to become a blogger myself. The concept is really appealing: to share what you have and love with others with the same likes and interests as yours, and so I opened up my account at Google and started this blog...

But the ideal thing is not always as easy as it seems when you first think about it. Being a blogger requires time (a lot of it!) for researches, ripping, scanning covers and posting.

Like many of you I have to work, and work hard, and then time becomes a rare asset, and that's the main reason my blog project remained paralyzed even before it started.

Today, one year and four months after I got into it, there comes the first post. I’ll try to keep it updated at least once a week.

Hope you enjoy it.

The Trackfinder

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