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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Convite Para Ouvir Maysa Nº 2 (1958)

Maysa Figueira Monjardim Matarazzo (06/06/1936 - 22/01/1977), or simply Maysa as she became known, was born in São Paulo to a traditional family from the Estate of Espírito Santo, and at the age of 12, she composed her first song: "Adeus". Studying at the best schools available at those times, at the age of 18 she left the Sacre Coeur de Marie College to marry the millionaire André Matarazzo.
After the marriage she continued composing, but sang rarely only to friends and in the high society parties she used to go, and it was in one of those parties that she was invited to record an album, the LP Convite Para Ouvir Maysa, which included "Meu Mundo Caiu", "Adeus" e "Ouça". The album proved to be a complete success, but because of her husband's family demandings, all the money had to be donated to the campaign against cancer.
Then she started appearing on several TV and Radio programs, and in 1957 she ended up with her own show at TV Record. This only increased the quarrels with her husband, and by the end of the decade, she divorced. She went through a period of heavy drinking, which deformed her body and gave her an appearance of an aggressive singer.
During the 1960's she went to Rio de Janeiro, when, by the influence of Ronaldo Bôscoli and Roberto Menescal, she recorded a Bossa Nova album: Barquinho.  That again, was a tremendous success. She then started travelling through Brazil, South and North America and then Europe, promoting the Bossa Nova and by 1966 she married the Spanish entrepreneur Miguel Aranza.
In 1969 she returned to Brazil, and started producing her own shows and records, and by 1971 she went into theater and soap-operas at Rede Globo while still composing and recording new albums, until 1977, when she tragically died on a car crash at the Rio-Niteroi Bridge.

Convite Para Ouvir Maysa Nº 2
was the third album of her career, released in 1958

01. Meu Mundo Caiu (Maysa Matarazzo) • 3:22
02. No Meio Da Noite (Aloísio Figueiredo/José Maria da Costa) • 3:10
03. Bronzes E Cristais (Alcyr Pires Vernelho/Nazareno de Brito) • 3:12
04. Por Causa De Você (Tom Jobim/Dolores Duran) • 3:26
05. Bom Dia Tristeza (Adoniran Barbosa/Vinícius de Moraes) • 3:41
06. Felicidade Infeliz (Maysa Matarazzo) • 3:23
07. Bouquet De Isabel (Sérgio Ricardo) • 2:44
08. Mundo Novo (Maysa Matarazzo) • 3:13
09. E A Chuva Parou (José Ribamar/Esdras Pereira da Silva/Victor Freire) • 3:10
10. Caminhos Cruzados (Tom Jobim/Newton Mendonça) • 3:22
11. Sonho Feliz (Nanaí) • 3:09
12. Diplomacia (Maysa Matarazzo) • 3:20


  1. Ah... Maysa, a minha cantora predileta. Tenho esse disco em edição original de 1958, o LP, é muito bom! Eu amo muito. Para mim, é o melhor disco de carreira de Maysa.

  2. É... ela era realmente muito especial...
    E posso te adianter que já existem alguns albuns dela na fila para serem postados...
    Fique atento.

  3. mayza,a voz quente e rouca linda mayza.