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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Música Divina (1965)

Música Divina
Something must be said about this record: In 2005 a friend of mine, after a heavy rain that caused some trouble around here, decided to throw away the record collection that once belonged to his father and was just occupying some precious space in his house.  As a good friend, I prompted myself to help him on this difficult task.  There were some 300 records, most of them coverless, and the few who had some protection were deeply damaged by the rain.  Well, as I have promissed him, I picked up his "garbage" and took it to my "dump site".  Once at home, I began sorting that, and found some (expected) treasures among them, like James Brown and the Famous Flames (1967); Ella Fitzgerald's Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie!; Caterina Valente's A Toast To The Girls, and several of the first albums by Trio Irakitan, Claudete Soares, Agostinho dos Santos and others.  I separated those for the due care they needed and put the others on a corner shelf for future inspection.
Two days ago, while I was wating on a download, I picked a bunch of those records and started looking at them more carefully, and what I found was this Música Divina.  What caught my attention was the names of Ângela Maria and Agnaldo Rayol on the label.  There were also the organist Ronnie Will and the pianist Chaim Lewak, from Os Cobras.  A quick search on the Internet showed me that this is quite a rare album.  I only found two thumbnails of the cover and tried my best to make them presentable for printing on a CD sleeve.  Unfortunately, no matter how much I've tried, I couldn't read the information on the back cover.
So please, forgive me the low quality of the cover image, and also some noise I couldn't erase from the music, but this is a real piece for collectors, and shouldn't be stuck on a corner shelf of somebody's "dump site".

01. Ave-Maria - Agnaldo Rayol
    (Charles Gounod) • 2:54
02. Meditation (De Thais) - Ronnie Will
    (Massenet) • 3:49
03. Ave-Maria - Angela Maria & Canarinhos de Petrópolis
    (Bonaventura Somma) • 3:40
04. Tristesse - Chaim Lewak
    (Frédéric Chopin) • 2:23
05. Panis Agelicus - Angela Maria & Canarinhos de Petrópolis
    (César Frank) • 3:47
06. Jesus, Alegria Dos Homens - Ronnie Will
    (Johann Sebastian Bach) • 3:08
07. Ave-Maria - Agnaldo Rayol
    (Franz Schubert) • 4:34
08. Poema - Chaim Lewak
    (Zdenko Fibich) • 2:46
09. Ave-Maria - Angela Maria & Canarinhos de Petrópolis
    (Dunshee de Abranches) • 2:06
10. Tocata E Finale - Ronnie Will
    (Johann Sebastian Bach) • 2:50


  1. My favourite version of „Panis Angelicus“ is by the brilliant italian tenor Franco Corelli. Even though his voice seems almost too big for this evocative piece, his singing is just impeccable.
    I’m quite surprised about Angela Maria’s performance. If I’m not mistaken, she’s not a classically trained singer (apart from her singing in a church congregation), but her fine soprano is quite impressive and she definitely knows how to use it delicately. Also Agnaldo Rayol’s coaxing tenor sounds pleasant as always, although he’s pressing his voice a little because his voice tends to flicker in the long vocal sequences.
    However, this is an interesting album, presenting well-known singers with unsual performances.

    1. I have an interview CD by Ângela Maria where she says she's sung virtually every style of music, and when I "found" this record on my collection and heard her singing, that was reason enough to post the album, even being in a very bad condition and coverless.
      When I first heard the interview I couldn't imagine she meant even classic music. The post was mainly to show her fans this unknown side of her.