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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Enquanto O Verde Reflorir (EP) (1967)

Hugo Santana was born in São Paulo, in 1936.
His first recording was in 1951, for the small label Carnaval, the march "Colombina", by Gomes Cardim and Nilo Silva, e in a duo with Jeov, the batucada "Hoje No", by Zé Pretinho and Almeidinha.  In 1962 he recorded for Chantecler the guarania "A Saudade Não Importa", by Alberto Roy and Frederico Rossil, and the samba "Procuro Algum", by Antonio Bruno.  In this same year he was elected the best radio singer.  By this time, he reformulated his repertory and was placed among the so called "romantic singers".
In 1963, he recorded for Continental the bolero "Calma Coração", by Kátia Rochane and the samba "Adeus Solidão", by Dalton Vogeler.  In the same year, he recorded the march "Fiquei De Fora", by the well known singer and producer of Brazilian country music Palmeira.  By the same author, Hugo Santana released the bolero "Amor Sem Fim", whose side B contained the rasqueado "Gosto De Você", by Valdir Santos.  On the next year he released his second LP, with the song "O Amor Chegou", composed by himself.  On the same year he was casted on the soap-opera "Corações Colgate, produced by TV Excelsior.  He was successful, especially in São Paulo.
In 1965 he recorded a few singles and started hosting, at the TV Exelsior, later Globo, in São Paulo, the Show Do Meio-Dia, and also was casted on the soap-opera A Deusa Vencida, for which he produced the soundtrack, with special note for his performance on "Balada Para Uma Deusa Menina".
Also in 1965 he was indicated for the Troféu Impresa as the best talk show host, together with J. Silvestre (who won) and Sílvio Santos.
He participated on the Festivals when they were there.  In 1966 he defended the song "Canção Brasileira", by Heckel Tavares and Luiz Peixoto.  He also defended, in 1965, the song "O Amor Que Se Fez Canção", by Joubert de Carvalho.
Though he would prefer romantic ballads, his repertory was very eclectic, including some rock-ballads and also recorded some jingles.
Now, Hugo Santana quit singing, and started producing and composing music.

Enquanto O Verde Reflorir (EP)

01. Enquanto O Verde Reflorir (Somewhere, My Love) (Maurice Jarre/Vers.: Nazareno de Brito) • 2:48
02. Estranhos Ao Luar (Strangers In The Night) (Bert Kæmpfert/Singleton/Eddie Snyder/Vers.: Lana) • 2:11
03. Deus, Como Te Amo (Dio Come Ti Amo) (Domenico Modugno/Vers.: Demétrio Carta) • 3:15
04. Vem, Meu Amor (Moon Over Naples) (Bert Kæmpfert/Singleton/Eddie Snyder/Vers.: N. Meneses) • 2:57


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