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Sunday, April 1, 2012


Waldir Calmon E Seu Novo Feito Para Dançar B (1957)

Waldir Calmon Gomes (30/01/1919 Rio Novo, MG - 11/04/1982, Rio de Janeiro, RJ) started learning piano influenced by his mother at the age of 11.  While still in school, he formed a group in Juiz de Fora, MG, where he did the singing.  In 1936 the family moved to Rio de Janeiro where he met Benedito Lacerda.  During the early 1940's he decided to abandon music and started working as a clerk on a bank, but in 1942 he enlinsted in the Army.
For more information, please visit the Dicionário Cravo Albin da Música Popular Brasileira.

Waldir Calmon E Seu Novo Feito Para Dançar B

01. Ansiedad (José Henrique Sarabia Rodríguez) • 3:30
02. Nunca  Aos Domingos (Never On Sunday) (Manos Hadjidakis) • 2:42
03. A Lua É Dos Namorados (Armando Cavalcante/Klécius Caldas/Brazinha) • 2:31
04. Misty (Eroll Garner/Johnny Burke) • 2:48
05. Look For A Star (Michael Anthony) • 3:19
06. Eu Não - com GRES São Clemente)
    (Waldir Calmon/Ely Campos) • 3:53
07. Tema do Concerto Nº 2 (Rachmaninoff) • 4:54
    The Man I Love (George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin)
    Barcarole (Mendelssohn)
08. Boato (João Roberto Kelly) • 2:07
09. Mack The Knife (Kurt Weill/Bert Brecht) • 5:16
    Tip-Tip-Tin (María Grever/Raymond Leveen)


  1. What a pleasant surprise! At first glance I thought that it was the Feito Para Dancar 8 (which got blocked in my account by Rapid due to complaints) in another cover. Then by looking closely and comparing the tracks I realized that it is not 8 but B! And, of course different tracks.
    Had no idea of the existence of this album.
    Thanks my friend!

  2. Oh! I thought you already had it, for it's not on your wishing list. Otherwise I would have sent it straight to you. I know you like him.
    But you said the Nº 8 was blocked due to complaints? That's weird! Unless I'm wrong, Waldir Calmon's daughter is the rightfull owner of the copyrights and she is, so to say, your friend, isn't she?
    How can that be?

    1. I did ask Marcia if I may post her father's music, and she said it is OK as long as I post old music by him. But there are several possible reasons: The album is prepared for re print, the copyright protecting service had it on it's list, or it was blocked by mistake. Sometimes I got posts and links deleted and still do not know why. An album by Neusa Maria, for example was deleted some two years ago and I still don't see anything by her on CD.