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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Capricho (1963)

Osny Silva (born Osny Rufino Da Silva Gomes 21/10/1919-20/07/1995) achieved enormous success with his first recording in 1943, "Alza Manolita (As Cartas Não Mentem Jamais)",  surpassing Francisco Alves and Vicente Celestino, who would record the same song afterward.  In 1951, Osny Silva launched the famous and broadly popular anthem of the soccer team Corinthians, "Campeão dos Campeões" (written by Lauro D'Ávila), a tribute to the team he was crazy about in the year it was champion.  Still popular in 1964, he was a top-seller with hits like "Jura-me", "Funeral Dum Rei Nagô", "Banzo", "Violino Cigano", "Cavaleiro Errante", "Olhos Negros", "Navio Negreiro", "O Trovador de Toledo" and several others.
Osny Silva started at the Rádio Educadora Paulista in 1939, signing with Rádio Tupi in 1940. In 1943, by suggestion of the conductor Spártaco Rossi, he recorded "Alza Manolita (As Cartas Não Mentem Jamais)", a Leo Daniderff valse that had been successfully recorded by Eduardo das Neves in the 1910s.  In his interpretation, the recording sold an amazing 80,000 copies, much more than the re-recordings by Francisco Alves (also in 1943) and by Vicente Celestino (three years later, with a version done by himself). Osny Silva recorded other albums through 1945 without the same success. In 1951, he was awarded as the Best Singer of International Popular Music, and encouraged by the success he recorded successfully in 1953 "Bandolins ao Luar" and "Violino Cigano", followed by the hits "Risque", "João Valentão", and others.  In that year, he was awarded with the Roquette-Pinto prize as the Best Singer, touring throughout Brazil, Chile, and Argentina, countries in which he also recorded. His album with "Funeral Dum Rei Nagô" and "Barzô" was considered one of the best of 1954.
Alvaro Neder (All Music Guide)


01. Capricho Cigano (Mário Zan/Messias Garcia) • 2:12
02. Só Para Você (Mário Zan/Messias Garcia) • 2:38
03. Adiós Mariquita Linda (Marcos A. Jiménez) • 2:37
04. Jura-me (Jurame) (María Grever/Vers.: Oswaldo Santiago) • 2:27
05. Te Quiero Dijiste (María Grever) • 2:50
06. Beijo Nos Olhos (Portinho/Wilson Falcão) • 2:53
07. Torna Sorriento (A. De Curtis/Vers.: Hélio Ansaldo) • 2:01
08. Coimbra (Raul Ferrão/Dr. Galhardo) • 2:29
09. Jamais Te Esquecerei (Antonio Rago/Juracy Rago) • 2:48
10. Beija-me Muito (Besame Mucho) (Consuelo Velazques/Vers.: David Nasser) • 3:11
11. Marita Romano (Jair Gonçalves) • 2:34
12. Adeus (Adiós) (Enrico Madriguera/Vers.: Osny Silva) • 2:17

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