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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Escultura 1957

Yeah, I know! Another one... but this album is great!  I couldn't resist.

01. Escultura (Adelino Moreira/Nelson Gonçalves) • 3:33
02. Vida De Caboclo (Radamés Gnatalli/Arlindo Marques Júnior/Roberto Roberti) • 3:24
03. Se Ninguém Te Ama (Osvaldo Barbosa/José Reis) • 3:29
04. Nova Copacabana (Herivelto Martins/David Nasse) • 2:44
05. Deixe Que Ela Se Vá (Evaldo Gouveia/Gilberto Ferraz) • 3:12
06. Insônia (Erasmo Silva/Geraldo Serafim) • 2:43
07. Silêncio Da Seresta (Adelino Moreira) • 2:46
08. Fala Coração (Alberto Sabatini) • 3:09
09. És Tudo Para Mim (Nelson Gonçalves/Pedro Moacyr) • 2:35
10. Destino (Raul Sampaio/Ivo Santos) • 3:19
11. Prece Ao Sol (Jorge de Castro/Wilson Baptista) • 2:55
12. Atiraste Uma Pedra (Herivelto Martins/David Nasser) • 3:14

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  1. I was looking for this album because I thought Nelson Gonçalves' "Insônia" was be the song penned by Mário Albanese. Now I learned that there are two songs of the same name and time of origin. Instantly, I corrected my site where I wrongly noted Gonçalves in a remark on Albanese's song.
    But anyway, you're right: this is a very nice album.