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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Perdoa-me Pelo Bem Que Te Quero (1961)

Orlando Dias, or José Adauto Michilis, was born in Recife, PE on November, 1st, 1923 and died in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, on November, 11th, 2001.
His trademark was his styled performances, exaggerated and were real "happenings" (a white handkerchief, theatrical gestures and even the kneeling on stage for declamations and worn-out clothes).
In 1938 he started his career, being part of a competition program, without any success. Soon after, on another attempt at Rádio Clube de Pernambudo, he was classified. By this time, he used to imitate his idol, Orlando Silva. By 1940 he moved into Rio de Janeiro where he got a contract with the Rádio Mairink Veiga. He returned to Recife around 1946, but after his wife passed away, he went back to Rio. He recorded his first 78 r.p.m. by the Gravadora Todamérica in 1952 with the songs "Tive Ciúme", by Almeida Freire and "Ainda Não Sei", a bolero by Peterpan. On the next year, he released the samba "Não Te Quero Bem Nem Mal", by J. Cascata and Leonel Azevedo. In 1954 he recorded the fox-trot "Façamos As Pazes" by Luiz de França, Ubirajara Nesdan and Nelson Bastos. In 1955 he recorded at Mocambo, the baião "Perigo De Morte", by Gordurinha and Wilson de Morais. By the end of the 1950’s he started singing on the style that made him famous. In 1959 he started at Odeon with the boleros "Se Eu Pudesse", by Waldir Machado and "Nas Tuas Horas De Tristeza", by Cid Magalhães.
He reached the top of his career in the beginning of the 1960’s. By this time he released the guarânia "Minha Serás Eternamente", by the duo Arsênio de Carvalho and Lourival Faissal. In 1961, recorded the success "Tenho Ciúme De Tudo", de Waldir Machado, a composer he recorded frequently. In 1963 he sold very well his album Se A Vida Fosse Um Sonho Bom, which had, besides the title song, the bolero "Beija-Me", both by Waldir Machado.
He recorded sporadically until the 1980’s, when he started traveling through Brazil to divulge his songs. He also went to Europe and in 1997 he recorded several of his hits on a CD titled Vinte Supersucessos. All around his career he sold about 6 million records.

Perdoa-me Pelo Bem Que Te Quero

01. Perdoa-me Pelo Bem Que Te Quero (Waldir Machado) • 3:19
02. Tenho Ciúme De Tudo (Waldir Machado) • 3:05
03. Meu Amor É Mais Amor (Lindolpho Gaya/Jice da Silva) • 2:49
04. O Lado Bom Da Vida (Waldir Machado) • 3:00
05. Quem Ama Perdoa (Waldir Machado)  • 3:16
06. Quem Me Dera (Rubens Machado) • 3:40
07. O Maior Amor Do Mundo (Waldir Machado) • 2:56
08. Amo-te (Jair Amorim/Evaldo Gouveia) • 3:11
09. A Canção De Um Triste (Getúlio Macedo) • 2:56
10. Se Tu Soubesses (Waldir Machado) • 2:59
11. Vem Amor (Carlos Diniz/Adauto Michilis) • 2:36
12. Aceita-me De Novo (Adauto Michilis/Carlos Moraes) • 2:10

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