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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Guerra (196?)

De Kalafe ou Denisse De Kalafe as she is known now in Latin America, was born in Ponta Grossa, PR.
She started her career on the second half of the 1960’s, with the group the Turma. They released a single, now rare, with the Brazilian psychedelic rock  songs "Guerra" and "Mundo Quadrado", both composed by Arnaldo Saccomani, who later became a respected producer in Brazil.
"Guerra" was a local hit in São Paulo. After the second single, which contained the cover "Bang Bang" from Sony And Cher, the band quit. De Kalafe never liked wearing shoes and used to perform bare footed, which didn’t please the audience those times. She was also known by her independent spirit and activism. Her songs were hippie style and anti-militarist right during the Vietnam War.
After not being classified for a Song Festival by the end of the 1960’s, she moved to Guadalajara, Mexico, and there she became known as Denisse De Kalafe, and she is now among the superstars in Latin America, while in Brazil she is completely unknown. Her albums are some of the most popular. In Bogotá, Colombia, her song "Quiero Gritar" was on the top of the list in 1985. In La Paz, Bolivia, "Amandote" was third place and in Los Angeles, CA, even with all the competition this song was in sixth place.
Until today, Denisse De Kalafe is a well respected singer, now performing pop romantic songs on TV shows, soap-operas and on her own records.

I have this single for quite a while now, and though I've always thought the lyrics a little bit naïve, De Kalafe undoubtedly has a great voice.
Recently Oldrocker sent me a link (http://porondecanta.multiply.com/) that I didn't know, and I must say it's a real good resourceful site.  It tracks artists that disappeared from the media, and tells what they've been doing.  And on this site, I've found the text above and decided to post the single.  If you ever find any album recorded by Denisse De Kalafe, I strongly recomend you to download and listen to it.  It's worth the trouble.

01. Guerra (Arnaldo Saccomani) • 2:31
02. Mundo Quadrado (Arnaldo Sacccomani) • 2:03

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