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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Boleros Em Hi-Fi (1958) or Alternative

The Trio Surdina (Aníbal Augusto Sardinha "Garoto" 28/06/1915-03/05/1955 on acoustic guitar, Romeu Seibel "Chiquinho do Acordeon" 07/11/1928-13/02/1993 on accordion and Rafael Lemos Júnior "Fafá Lemos" 19/02/1921 on violin) was assembled in 1952, at the program "Música Em Surdina", hosted by Paulo Tapajós. In 1953 the group recorded the álbum "Trio Surdina Interpreta Ary Barroso". On the same year, they released the album "Trio Surdina" which included compositions by the trio.
In 1955 the group released by Musidisc six singles in 78 r.p.m. with songs by Dorival Caymmi, Noel Rosa and Ary Barroso, that later were reissued on a LP called "Trio Surdina Interpreta Dorival Caymmi, Ary Barroso and Noel Rosa". They recorded several albums during this period of great productivity, and were considered one of the precursors of Bossa Nova and the Sambalanço. It had a very short life, caused by the premature death of Garoto. In 2003 the trio was reassembled by Henrique Cazes on the acoustic guitar, Marcos Nimrichter on the accordion and Nicolas Krassic on the violin, as an homage, and they performed with the singer Claudette Soares in a show at the Centro Cultural do Banco do Brasil, in Rio de Janeiro.

Pierre Kolmann, born João Adelino Leal Brito, also known as Britinho and Franca Vila as well, was born in Pelotas, RS, on 05/05/1917; by the age of 10 he played violin and at 18, he started studying piano.
He started his carrer in 1939 at the Tabu night club, in São Paulo. In 1942 he moved to Rio de Janeiro to play with the Fon-Fon Orchestra. In 1944 he assembled his own group. In 1951 he recorded for Todamérica the choros "Foi Sem Querer" and "Machucadinho" composed by him. In 1953 he composed in partnership with Mesquita, the baião "Pitu" and the choro "Estrela", recorded by Mesquita and his Group. In the same year he recorded with Fats Elpídio the choro "Sururu Na Lapa", composed by the duo. In 1952, Mesquita recorded his baião "Rosinha", also composed in partnership with Fats Elpídio, On the next year, Gentil Guedes and his Orchestra recorded his choro "Vê Se Te Agrada" on the Sinter label.
From 1956 on João Leal Brito recorded several songs for Continental and Sinter. With his orchestra, he accompanied artists such as Neusa Maria, Carlos Augusto, Marilena Cairo, Trigêmeos Vocalistas, Vanja Orico and Gilda Valença. By this time, he recorded the album "Sucessos De Dorival Caymmi". He also made albums for Columbia and Odeon.
Lots of his compositions were recorded by various artists, like Jorge Goulart, Pery Ribeiro, Wilson Simonal, and Dalva de Andrade. Among the albums he recorded, are "Convite Ao Samba", "Dançando Com Britinho", "Dançando Em Hi-Fi" and "Músicas De Filmes De Todo Mundo".

Boleros Em Hi-Fi
You know, normally I would leave this album for another time of the year, but that friend of mine, who strongly believes in Santa Claus, I think, will be very happy to have this one on his collection.  I hope you enjoy that too.

01. Frenesi (Alberto Dominguez) • 3:10
02. Esperame En El Cielo (Francisco Lopez Vidal "Paquito") • 2:55
03. Soñando Contigo (Anísio Silva/Fausto Guimarães) • 2:52
04. Besame Mucho (Consuelo Velazques) • 4:18
05. Hasta Cuando (Leal Brito) • 2:46
06. Que Murmuren (Ruben Fuentes/Rafael Cárdenas) • 3:43
07. Mi Oración (My Prayer) (Georges Boulanger/Jimmy Kennedy/N. Noriega/Ben Molar) • 3:26
08. Amor Mio (Alvaro Carrilho) • 2:50
09. Angustia (Orlando Brito) • 3:07
10. Dos Almas (Don Fabian) • 3:00
11. Canción de Amor Cubano (H. Stothart/James McHugh/Dorothy Fields) • 2:51
12. Desesperadamente (Gabriel Ruiz/H. López Méndez) • 3:02


  1. Greats albums we found here those days! so great!
    Felicitation ao Blogger
    If you need something like cleaning sound of old Lps i will do it with pleasure. Just send me by mail the document to be treated.
    Longa vida ao Blog e seu Blogger
    Chris do Brasil - Niteroi- (R.J.)

  2. Valeu, obrigado. Caso precise de ajuda, não me esquecerei de sua oferta.

  3. Oh, this fantastic Trio Surdina !
    But the time has deleted the link .

    1. Have you ever heard that History repeats itself?
      There's an alternative link available.
      By the way, the original link is still OK. It's the server's policy that are complicating things.
      Have fun!

  4. Hi, The Trackfinder !
    Very nice of you that the problem with the download was immediately solved !
    Anyway, the Deposit knows its buisiness ...

    In fact, I have several albums of Surdina, ripped from LPs. But your album seems ripped from a professional CD. It is a different pair of shoes. I mean quality.
    And the repertoir is good. Performed by legendary Brazilian musicians - Fafa Lemos, Chiquinho do Acordeon ... Well. No words !
    Special thanks for posting the information (in english lang) about the musicians.

    Good luck and greetings from Russia