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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Ontem E Hoje (1987)

Ivon José Curi (05/Jun/1928 - 24/Jun/1995) was born in Caxambú, MG and had as brothers, the DJ’s Alberto and Jorge Curi. Around 1944 he started singing sambas-canções and French songs in parties and in shows, and soon on the local radio station. It was in Rio de Janeiro that he had his first opportunity through Caribé da Rocha, who hired him as a crooner for the Zacharias Orchestra at the Copacabana Palace Hotel, where he met many of the great stars of those days. By then, he had a strong influence from the French singer Jean Sablon, who created the hit "J’Attendrais". In 1947 Ivon Curi got his first contract with Rádio Nacional to appear as a guest on the shows hosted by Emilinha Borba, Marlene, Dalva de Oliveira and Ângela Maria, and soon after he went to Rádio Tupi. In 1949 he recorded together with Carmélia Alves, the baião "Me Leva" (Hervé Cordovil/Rochinha) for Continental. In 1950 he was casted on the film "Aviso Aos Navegantes" and on the next year, on the film "Aí Vem O Barão", and later, in 1952, on "Barnabé, Tu És Meu".
His first solo record was for Continental, with the songs "La Vie En Rose" (Édith Piaf) and "Nature Boy" (Eden Abhez), and then "C’est Ci Bon" (Charles Trenet) and "Obrigado" (by him), and since then, several others. By 1953, he changed his style and started mimicking and performing comedy songs and developed a repertory with songs typically from the Northeast of the country. He started traveling through Brazil and then Europe (1956/1957), and in Portugal, he adopted for the first time the "one-man-show" style and was considered the best Brazilian performer till then. With the advent of Jovem Guarda, Ivon Curi faded for a while from the media, but in 1971 he reappeared with the show "Ivon Curi De Todos Os Tempos" at Teatro Casa Grande when he did a retrospective of his artistic life.
His last recording was the song "Forró do Beliscão" (Ary Monteiro/João do Vale/Leôncio) that was included on the tribute album to the composer João do Vale.

Ontem E Hoje

01. Bicho Home (Cecéu) • 3:07
02. Esse Samba É Do Carvalho (Paulinho Soares) • 3:27
03. Forró Sem Nome (Cecéu) • 2:30
04. Onde Bate, Fica (Paulinho Soares) • 2:24
05. Vem, Papai (Cecéu) • 2:18
06. O Xote Das Meninas (Luiz Gonzaga/Zé Dantas) • 2:34
07. João Bôbo (Ivon Curi) • 3:35
08. Comida E Pensão (Miguel Miranda/F. A. Balbi) • 2:36
09. Farinhada (Zé Dantas) • 2:25
10. Procurando Tu (Antonio Barros/J. Luna) • 2:11
11. O Retrato De Maria (Ivon Curi/Mário M. Guimarães) • 5:01

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