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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Antenógenes Honório da Silva (born in Uberaba, Minas Gerais, 30/10/1906 - ????) was the son of a locksmith and a very respected accordion player.  He quit his elementary school and learned to play the "8 Bass" accordion.  At the age of 14 he composed his first song, in homage to his girlfriend.  In 1927 he went to Ribeirão Preto in the Estate of São Paulo and in 1928, already living in the City of São Paulo, he started his artistic career playing at the Bar Excelsior and the Rádio Educadora Paulista.  In 1929 he recorded two 78 r.p.m.'s for RCA Victor: the choro "Gostei De Tua Caída" and the (Brazilian) waltz "Norma", both composed by him.  In 1933 he moved to Rio de Janeiro with a contract with RCA Victor; he became know nationally and toured in Buenos Ayres, Argentina.  As an accordionist he played for many artists, Brazilian and foreigners and was the first to play Lyric Music at the Teatro Municipal.
He learned harmonics, solfeggio and orchestration with Guerra-Peixe.  He then picked up his studies, interruped during childhood and in 1949 he became an Industrial Chemist.
In 1957, in Germany, at the Honner Harmonic Festival, he got the first prize playing his "8 Bass" accordion and was considered one of the best players of the world.  He was known as the "Accordion Wizard".

Valsas E Saudades

01. Saudades De Ouro Preto (Antenógenes Silva) • 3:10
02. Pisando Corações (Antenógenes Silva/Ernâni Campos) • 2:53
03. Rapaziada Do Braz (Alberto Marino) • 3:11
04. Uma Grande Dor Não Se Esquece (Antenógenes Silva/Ernâni Campos) • 3:14
05. Saudades De Iguape (João Baptista Do Nascimento) • 2:57
06. Serenata Em Ribeirão Preto (Antenógenes Silva) • 3:25
07. Dirce (Octávio Azevedo) • 3:31
08. Saudade Dos Teus Beijos (Antenógenes Silva) • 3:27


  1. muito, muito ,muito obrigado! adoro este disco, tenho o original de 55. perfeito para ouvir num domingo de manhã.

  2. Fico contente que você tenha gostado...
    Realmente, esse disco nos remete a um tempo que, infelizmente, não volta mais...
    Me dá satisfação de ter nascido a tempo de ter conhecido essa época...

  3. exato, trackfinder. obrigado novamente.

  4. Replies
    1. Logo abaixo do nome do artista, ANTENÓGENES SILVA, está o título do álbum - Valsas E Saudades (1955). Clique sobre o título e você será redirecionado para o site do servidor.