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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Beijinho Doce (Shellac Single) (1951)

Elyana Macedo (Ely de Souza 1925 - 1990) was an elementary school teacher in Itacoara, RJ, and was discovered by her uncle Watson Macedo, a movie director, when he was visiting his family in that city.
Elyana was always the principal character on the films and Adelaide her best friend, while in real life, it was the opposite.
Her first film was "E O Mundo Se Diverte (1949) and she soon conquered the heart of the audience. She married the DJ Renato Murce and acted in 24 films.
In the beginning of their careers, Elyana and Adelaide lived in Niteroi and they had to take the ferryboat to do the crossing for they didn't have enough money for the taxi.
In 1979 they were invited to do a part in the soap opera Feijão Maravilha, produced by Rede Globo, and then they revived some of their hits like "Beijinho Doce" among others.

Beijinho Doce
In 2001 the label Revivendo released a compilation (Tempinho Bom) of songs by Adelaide Chiozzo, but I couldn't find it neither to buy nor to download. If any of you have it and want to share, please don't be shy.  A few videos can be found on You Tube though.

01. Beijinho Doce (Nhô Pai) • (2:58)
02. Cabeça Inchada (Hervé Cordovil) • 2:58

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