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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Silvana, A Versátil
This was the first solo album she released.

01. Nossa Canção (Moacir Braga/Enzo Riettio) • 2:42
02. Doçura (Alcyr Pires Vermelho/Maria Isabel) • 3:16
03. Novilheiro (Novillero) (Maria Tereza Lara/Vers.: Fernando Barreto) • 2:21
04. Quando Se Tem Amor (Altamiro Carrilho/Armando Nunes) • 2:47
05. Terezinha De Jesus (Britinho/Fernando César) • 2:41
06. Desenhei Corações (Collid Filho/Oldemar Magalhães) • 2:28
07. O Dia Em Que Me Queira (El Dia En Que Me Quieras)
   (Carlos Gardel/Alfredo Le Pera/Vers.: Haroldo Barbosa) • 3:24
08. Chama De Paixão (Fred Jorge/Alfredo Messina) • 3:51
09. Siboney (Ernesto Lecuona/Vers.: João de Barro) • 2:28
10. Sonho De Amor E Paz (Waltel Branco/Joluz) • 2:50
11. Quando O Amor Chegar (Altamiro Carrilho/Jair Amorim) • 2:50
12. O Amor Que Sonhei (Marco Aurélio Borba) • 2:03


  1. Sounds good... Another forgotten cantora. Managed to find only her "Seleção de Ouro" and a recording together with Rinaldo Calheiros.

  2. I like her voice. I already have three more posts waiting in line: Silvana Internacional, an EP from 1973 and a compilation from 1972. This "Seleção de Ouro" will be a nice addition in case you decide to post it.
    I didn't know she had recorded anything with Rinaldo Calheiros but the one I posted a few weeks ago: Ouvindo-te Com Amor.
    Anyway, I'm glad you liked her.

  3. It is the one with Rinaldo that you posted previously. What I meant was that those two recordings are her only career albums that are on the net.
    The "Seleção de Ouro" is without a cover, so I still have to find it prior to posting.

  4. Searching for the cover for "Seleção de Ouro" I ran into covers for several singles and EPs Silvana has recorded in the late seventees together whith a certain Marco Aurélio. Memoria Musical does not mention Marco Aurélio on the Silvana page, except as the coauthor of "Quando O Amor Vai Embora" on an EP from 1979.

  5. That's good news. I won't feel guilty about "repeating" somebody else's post.
    I believe that the singles you found are also the only ones I found as well. Most probably it's the "Lencinho Querido" that she sings with Marco Aurélio. It's the most famous song by the duo, if not the only song they recorded together. Most probably it's on this album you founded.

  6. You are not repeating a post. The album with Rinaldo that you posted is so far the only one posted on a site (there is one copy more but in an archive on a server, and the duets with Marco I did not find (so far). I found only the covers for them. But in the meantime I have a single from 1961 with two songs that I will post later today or one of the following days.

  7. Well, if you don't find it, it'll be posted sooner or later. It's on the compilation from 1972 I have waiting to be posted.