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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Boleros (1973) 

One of the representatives of the style "Fossa"/"Dor-de-Cotovelo", Geisa Celeste was born in Sacramento, Minas Gerais and at the age of six she used to sing in school parties and at the local radio station.  A few years later, the family moved to Uberada, also in the State of Minas Gerais, and there, together with her sister Diva, she formed the Duo Celeste and soon the city became too small for the talented sisters who went to São Paulo in search for new opportunities.  In the metropolis they were hired to be part of the Rádio Record's cast and there they met Mário Zan, who was so impressed by the performance of the duo that he managed to arrange for them to record 78 r.p.m.'s.  Geisa and Diva sang alongside big names of the time, like Cascatinha E Nhana, Duo Guarujá, Demônios da Garoa and Palmeira E Biá.
When Diva got married, Geisa started her solo career and the international tours followed one after the other, with shows in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Chile and Argentina.  She sang in several of those languages.
From the ten albums she recorded for Cartaz, Copacabana, RGE and Inspiração, many of them had extremely good repertories.  Geisa also worked on radio soap-operas, films, and sold-out shows in many sophisticated hotels.  She was also a frequent guest on the programs hosted by Bolinha, Chacrinha, Agnaldo Rayol, Francisco Petrônio, Ayrton and Lolita Rodrigues, Moacyr Franco, Silvio Santos and most recently Faustão.
Today, 74 years old, the singer lives in Sorocaba, São Paulo and tries to make her work known to the younger audience.


01. Detalhes (Roberto Carlos/Erasmo Carlos) • 5:06
02. Dez Anos (Diez Años) (Rafael Hernandes/Vers.: Lourival Faissal) • 2:29
03. Beija-me Com Ternura (Roberto Stanganelli/Francisco Barreto) • 2:56
04. Bis Para O Amor (Roberto Stanganelli/José Bettio) • 3:08
05. Coração Solitário (Roberto Stanganelli/Francisco Barreto) • 3:10
06. Não Me Julgues Mal (Roberto Stanganelli/Sé Bastos) • 2:56
07. Ansiedade (Ansiedad De Besarte) (José Enrique Sarabia Rodríguez/Vers.: Diogo Mulero "Palmeira") • 2:36
08. Angústia (Orlando Brito/A. Bourget) • 2:47
09. Sempre No Meu Coração (Always In My Heart) (Ernesto Lecuona/Vers.: Mário Mendes) • 2:44
10. Emudeci (Roberto Stanganelli/Francisco Barreto/Roberto Nunes) • 2:31
11. Todinho Para Mim (Roberto Stanganelli/Francisco Barreto) • 2:39
12. Sagrado Amor (Roberto Stanganelli/Francisco Barreto) • 2:08

PS.: If you liked this singer, please check the Parallel Realities Studio.  He also posted some other works by Geisa Celeste: Sabor A Mi Dio Come Ti Amo - Itália Sucessos Inesquecíveis, Cierro Mis Ojos, and most recently, Historia De Un Amor.   All of them are great albums.