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Sunday, December 9, 2012


Madrugada E Amor (1964)

Idenilde Araújo Alves da Costa, as known as Núbia Lafayette (Assu, 21/01/1937 - Niterói, 18/06/2007), was a Brazilian Singer.
Núbia was born in Assu, Rio Grande do Norte, where she lived her first three years, when her family moved to Rio de Janeiro. Since very young she showed signs of a musical talent and when she was eight years old, she started appearing on youth programs.
Her career started by the end of the 1950's, under the pseudonym Nilde Araújo.  By that time she was a salesperson at Lojas Pernambucanas in the town of Rio de Janeiro, when she decided to appear at the program "A Voz De Ouro", aired by TV Tupy, singing songs from that period.  She was crooner at the Cave Rio nightclub and debuted singing Dalva de Oliveira.
The definitive name of Núbia Lafayette was an adaptation, in 1960, suggested by the composer  Adelino Moreira. It was him that took her to RCA Victor, supported by Nelson Gonçalves. It was also in 1960 that she released her first record, the samba-canção "Devolvi" by Adelino Moreira.  This release definively marked her as romantic pop singer.
The number of artists that claim to be influenced by Núbia Lafayette is large and includes names like Alcione, Fafá de Belém, Elymar Santos, Tânia Alves and the singer from Alagoas, Rose D' Paula.
Núbia went on participating on special presentations and eventual shows up to the end of her life.
She lived in Maricá, on the Rio de Janeiro shore.
Madrugada E Amor
01. Madrugada E Amor (José Messias) • 2:54
02. Seria Tão Diferente (Adelino Moreira/Tônio Luna) • 3:00
03. Quem Foi? (Ribamar/Durando) • 3:29
04. Razão (Adelino Moreira) • 2:53
05. Perseguição (Avelino de Souza/Carlos Da Maia) • 2:43
06. Devolvi (Adelino Moreira) • 2:58
07. Solidão (Adelino Moreira) • 3:02
08. A Outra (Irany de Oliveria/Sávio Soares) • 3:22
09. Rosa Branca (Salvio Costa) • 2:52
10. Ouvi Dizer (Adelino Moreira) • 2:58
11. Eu (Graça Batista/Jonas Garret) • 2:14
12. Eu Te Amo (Irany de Oliveira) • 3:13


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    1. Isso já está virando piada. Link on novamente.

  2. Prezado amigo, este seu Blog é mesmo fabuloso, e suas postagens são verdadeiros tesouros, como por exemplo, este raríssimo disco da maravilhosa Núbia Lafayette.
    Dizer muito obrigado, realmente, é muito pouco!
    Abraços, e vida muito longa para este seu trabalho extraordinário e generoso.
    Paulo Alberto (Niterói--RJ)

  3. Finally I found time to check other sites...
    This album is the only one by Nubia that has (as far as I know) never ever been posted on the net!
    Thanks a lot my friend. Now my collection of her LPs is complete at last.

  4. I was wondering if you had it or not, because I checked on your blog to see if you had posted it. You see, it pays to be a good boy, for Santa Claus always rewards good kids.

  5. Ola como faço pra baixar esse album da Núbia? desde já agradeço. abraços

  6. Logo abaixo do nome da artista, NÚBIA LAFAYETTE, está o título do album - Madrugada e Amor (1964). Clique sobre o título e você será redirecionado para o site do servidor.