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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Boleros Em Surdina Nº 6 (1963)

I tried - not very hard, I must admit, but I didn't find any information on Irany Pinto.  Any help anybody?  Thanks a lot.

A few hours later: Well, Internet is great, isn't it? Thanks to Milan from Parallel Realities Studio, I found a little information on Irany Pinto posted by Loronix in 2007.  Here it goes:
Irany Pinto is a Brazilian violinist that had a great importance from the late 40's until the early 70's. He was member of the legendary Turma do Sereno, a group created by Paulo Tapajos with best of breed Brazilian musicians. Irany Pinto recorded more than 40 albums including 78rpms and LPs.

Boleros Em Surdina Nº 6

01. Vaya Con Dios (Larry Russell/Inez James/Pepper) • 2:40
02. Incerteza (Britinho/Romeo Nunes) • 3:06
03. Que Te Vaya Bien (Frederico Baena) • 2:38
04. Poinciana (Nat Simon/Bert Bernier) • 2:50
05. Nunca Te Direi (Britinho/Fernando César) • 2:55
06. Nossos Momentos (Luís Reis/Haroldo Barbosa) • 2:36
07. Aquellos Ojos Verdes (Nilo Menéndez/Adolfo Ultera) • 2:31
08. Tender Is The Night (Paul Francis Webster/Sammy Fain) • 2:39
09. Amor (Gabriel Ruiz/Ricardo Lopez Méndez • 2:31
10. Balada Da Saudade (Britinho/Fernando César) • 2:51
11. La Paloma (Sebastian Yradier) • 2:54
12. Doce Lembrança (Waldemar Gomes/Carlos Santana Lima) • 2:40


  1. Great to see your blog updated! Irany Pinto is, from my point of view, the best violin player in that time in Brasil (downloading as I write). Unfortunately I don't have much information about him, but I do have 3 of his lps on my site. There is some more on Toque and (info only) on loronix.

  2. Thanks a lot my friend. I've downloaded what I've found some time ago, but not this on Loronix. I'll check it out.
    Thanks again.