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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Baldauf Retorna (1962)

The Conjunto Melódico Norberto Baldauf, originally called Conjunto Norberto Baldauf, is a band which plays mainly instrumental music - Brazilian and from other countries.  For many years it was dedicated to radio shows, performing live, and on TV as well.  It also was very requested for the parties in the Estates of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.  It used the voice of Edgar Pozzer, the group's crooner.
In 2006 the group completed 53 years of activities, still very popular in Rio Grande do Sul and with some of its original founders, like the pianist Norberto Baldauf and the guitar player Raul Lima.  They performed as a quintet for the first time at the ball at the UFRGS' Faculdade de Arquitetura on May, 17th, 1953 and it was progressively enlarged to an octet during the following years.
During the 1950's among the band's formation included the musicians Norberto Baldauf (piano), Raul Lima (guitar), Victor Canella (accordion), Léo Velloso (bass and management), Porto Rico (drums), Wilson Baraldo (drums), Fausto Touguinha (percussion), Luiz Octávio (crooner) and Renê Martins (crooner).
During the 1960's the formation was Edgar Pozzer (crooner), Léo Belloni (drums), Hélio Santos (vibraphone) and Heitor Barbosa and also the short appearance of Elis Regina for only three performances.
The band animated thousands of events for nearly six decades, toured through Brazil and neighbouring countries, performed at Rádio Gaúcha and Rádio Farroupilha, was one of the pioneers at TV Piratini and recorded 15 albums for the lables Odeon, Philips and Continental.

Baldauf Retorna

01. Pernas (Sérgio Ricardo) • 2:39
02. Serenata (L. Anderson/Mitchel Parish) • 2:33
03. Arrivederci (Umberto Bindi/Giorgio Calabrese) • 3:18
04. Picante Y Sabroso (Francis Lopes/R. Lambertucci) • 2:44
05. Se Amor É Isso (Luiz Henrique) • 2:33
06. É Fácil Dizer Adeus (Tito Madi) • 2:27
07. Só Em Teus Braços (Tom Jobim) • 2:27
08. Sabor A Mi (Alvaro Carrillo) • 3:04
09. Mia Cara Carolina (Franco Pisano/V. Wood) • 2:22
10. Saudade De Brinquedo (Mutinho/Carlos Augusto) • 3:00
11. Theme From "The Apartment" (Charles Williams) • 2:45
12. Reginella Campagnola (Eldo di Lazzaro/Bruno di Lazzaro) • 2:43

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