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Sunday, February 20, 2011


A Volta (1967)

Vocal group created in Natal, RN, by Edinho (Edison Reis de França - 14/03/1930-1965 - acoustic guitar), Paulo Gilvan (Paulo Gilvan Duarte Bezerril - 20/10/1929 - afoxé) and Costa Neto (João da Costa Neto - 06/02/1930) started to perform professionally in 1950 in Recife, PE, at the Rádio Clube and touring through the Northern Estates of Brazil up to Acre. In 1951, they toured through the Guianas and Trinidad Tobago, in 1952 they showed in Caracas, Venezuela and Bogota, Medellín, Baranquilla and Cartagena, in Colombia. In 1953 they toured through Central America and spent a year in Mexico working on clubs, radio and TV shows and also acted on the film "Llevame En Tus Brazos" recording Brazilian songs in Spanish. They returned to Brazil in 1954 and in Rio de Janeiro, they were hired by the Rádio Nacional and the Odeon Recording Company. They produced albums singing boleros, sambas-canções, baiões and had some influence from the mariachis, from the time they spent in Mexico. They also acted and sang in 12 films produced in Brazil.
They started as the Trio Muirakitan, a name chosen by Luís da Câmara Cascudo, and in Tupi-Guarany, means "pedra verde", a type of stone easily found in the Amazonian rivers. But as at that time there was already another group with the same name, Câmara Cascudo decided to create a neologism, and renamed the group as Trio Irakitan, that according to Paulo Gilvan means "green honey", or in a more poetic translation: "sweet hope".
In 1954 they recorded their first record, the bolero "Sina De Cangaceiro" by João da Costa Neto and Paulo Gutemberg. In the same year, they released the first LP, "Vozes E Rítmos Do Trio Irakitan", which gave them a gold record. In 1955, came the album "Três Vozes Que Encantam", and in 1956, "Lendas E Pregões Do Brasil", mostly with Brazilian folklore songs. In 1957 they toured through Europe and participated on the album "Os Brasileiros Na Europa". Since they signed with Odeon, they recorded many singles and in 1965, they recorded with Nat King Cole on his album "Aos Meus Amigos", but later that year, Edinho commited suicide, and that nearly disrupted the group. Two years later, Edinho was replaced by the violinist Antonio Santos Cunha (1936), known as Toni and they released the album "A Volta". They released a few songs but in 1974 they quit.
During the 1980’s they returned with a new formation, with Toni being replaced by Edilson Andrade, and not only toured through Brazil, but participated in several albums of the singer Tânia Alves.

A Volta

01. Não Pensa Em Mim (Non Pensare A Me) (Eros Sclorilli/Alberto Testa/Vers.: Nazareno de Brito) • 2:45
02. Ébrio De Amor (Palmeira/Ramoncito Gomes) • 2:03
03. Malagueña (Elpídio Ramirez/Pedro Galindo/Vers.: João da Costa Neto) • 2:34
04. Eu Chorarei Por Ti (Jair Amorim/Evaldo Gouveia) • 2:07
05. Fim De Semana (In A Little Spanish Town) (Mabel Wayne/Sam Lewis/Joe Young/Vers.: Aloysio de Oliveira) • 2:39
06. Mas Por Quê? (Ma Perchè) (Vian di Crescenzo/Fiore/Vers.: Fred Jorge) • 2:49
07. Enquanto O Verde Reflorir (Somewhere My Love) (Maurice Jarre/Paul Francis Webster/Vers.: Nazareno de Brito) • 2:44
08. Brigas (Jair Amorim/Evaldo Gouveia) • 2:40
09. La Paloma (Yradler/Vers.: Paulo Gilvan Duarte Bezerril) • 2:35
10. Guantanamera (José Martí/D. Joselito Fernández/Vers.: Nazareno de Brito) • 3:20
11. Oh Lá Lá (Micky Keen/Robin Shaw/Vers.: Tony Santos) • 2:48
12. Eu Te Darei Bem Mais (Io Ti Darò Di Più) (Alberto Testa/Mano Remigi/Vers.: Nazareno De Brito) • 3:29

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