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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Carlos Nobre (1961)

Carlos Nobre (1961)
As an extension from my last post, I would like to thank you for the moral support by visiting this blog and all the comments and help you gave me.  I wish you all that 2011 will be propitious for new plans and making dreams come true.  Happy New Year!

01. Contradizendo (Raul Sampaio/Benil Santos) • 2:50
02. Perdão Por Meu Amor (Raul Sampaio/Carlos Nobre) • 3:03
03. Três Por Quatro (Carlos Marques/Carlos Nobre) • 2:23
04. Sexto Mandamento (René Bittencourt/Raul Sampaio) • 3:10
05. Canção Da Espera (José Messias) • 2:23
06. Guarapari (Pedro Caetano) • 2:54
07. Parceria Com A Saudade (Valdo Hora/Paulo Gracindo) • 3:16
08. Amor Em Serenata (Raul Sampaio/Ivo Santos) • 3:09\
09. Ela Vai Embora (Raul Sampaio/Benil Santos) • 3:03
10. O Pranto Da Chuva (René Bittencourt/Raul Sampaio) • 2:44
11. Desejo Te Falar (Almiro Cunha/Antonio Fernandes) • 2:40
12. Torturante Ironia (Orestes Barbosa/Sílvio Caldas) • 2:28

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