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Sunday, September 19, 2010


Soirée Dançante (1959)

Soirée Dançante
I was planning to post this album later in the year, but I have a friend that lives in Belgrade who has a very strong belief in Santa Claus.  That is so that he keeps his wish lists to remind Santa that he's a good boy and behaves well and is patiently waiting for his albums.
As I have this album ready, I think it would be a pity to shatter such faith, so this post goes earlier than it was planned to as a Christmas gift.  Lately he's been posting quite a few of Brazilian Instrumental music in he's own blog that's worth being checked on some Parallel Reality.
PS.: I couldn't find any information on Cid Gray's biography. If any of you know anything and feel like sharing it with us, please be welcomed.

01. Chega De Saudade (Tom Jobim/Vinícius de Moraes) • 2:30
02. Tudo Ou Nada (Fernando César) • 3:00
03. Roselle (Noel Sherman) • 2:25
04. Tú Me Acostumbraste (Frank Dominguez) • 2:56
05. Solidão (Dolores Duran) • 2:23
06. Come Prima (M. Panzeri/Pangeri Di Paola/Sancho Taccani) • 2:13
07. Vai, Mas Vai Mesmo (Ataulfo Alves) • 3:21
08. Twilight Time (Al Nevins/Jason Nevins) • 2:56
09. Ave Maria Lola (Sérgio G. Siaba) • 2:10
10. Till (Carl Sigman/Danvers) • 2:28
11. Piccolissima Serenata (G. Ferrio/A. Amurri) • 2:35
12. Aperta-me Em Teus Braços (Anísio Silva/Almeida Rego) • 3:31


  1. Great! Thanks for posting this album and also for the cover you sent me for vol. 2. This leaves only Soirée Dançante Vol3 to be found to complete Cid Gray's discography (according to Memoria Musical).

  2. My pleasure my friend. Now, Vol. 3 is the only one missing for me as well...

  3. Rapaz, muito agradecido por estas postágens que ainda não tinha visto nada igual. (principalmente pela edição das capinhas) MARAVILHAS. Sucesso mcaríssimo.

  4. Fico contente que você tenha gostado. Obrigado

  5. Cid Gray is the alias of Renato de Oliveira.

    Keep on posting!

  6. Thank you very much for your colaboration.
    By the way, how do I subscribe to your blog? It seems to be very interesting.
    Thanks again.

  7. I just started shaping and testing therefore my blog is currently restricted. Actually the publishing will take some time but if you like to I will keep you updated.
    Thanks and enjoy the holdidays!

  8. If you still like to visit my little blog - it has gone live now.

  9. It is already on my Favorites and also on my
    Following list. Now I only have to explore it. It seems that There's some fun on the horizon.
    By the way, "little" is not a word that describes it. "Great" might be more suitable.
    Thank you for contacting me.

  10. Obrigado! Due to unforeseen reasons, regular posting will start as of the turn of the month. So, in June it will be just seven posts, but I would be pleased if you come back again.